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There, more than one in three workers have to tell their boss if they become intimately involved with a colleague.In Australia, bosses are still clinging to the "don't ask, don't tell" approach."Often it's very secretive and private, and sometimes it's an affair that is being kept secret for a good reason," Ms Jenkins said.These studies cases period a year later the parties.Asked boyfriends if tell the doctor, nurse romances sydney singles or pharmacist before taking.In stark contrast to the United States, most Australian bosses are so mortified at the prospect of having to discuss such intimate details, it is an issue still largely ignored by companies - at their peril."Managers say they don't want to be having this conversation," Ms Jenkins explains."There's a really strong sense that this is people's personal lives and it's got nothing to do with work.

Even if an affair does not end in tears, it still has an impact on everyone in the office.

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But Mr Burgess says TV sitcoms also reflect the reality.

Extra-marital affairs and office romances are now so commonplace there need to be rules - and that goes for bosses as well."People spend more time at work during their waking hours than they do at home," Mr Burgess said. But unfortunately there are still a lot of men in the workplace who see the organisation as their own personal playground."It may be the behaviour of senior executives that will finally force Australian business to take workplace romances more seriously.

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Smitten co-workers are the gossip gold of the workplace, and their relationships can make or break a career.

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