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And, no, you can’t just crop someone out of a photo in the hopes that no one will notice. and it makes it look like you’re trying to hide something.

Stick to a photo where you’re the only one in the frame. Okay – so now you know what to avoid when choosing the right photo for your online dating profile.

As frustrating as it may sound, the truth is that appearances do play a big part in helping people define whether they may be interested in someone.

When faced with a few pages of matches, most users tend to go for the same types of photos over and over again.

Users whose profile picture features them topless or underdressed (say, in a swimsuit at the beach, or fresh from the gym) tend to get fewer visits from matches.

Why is your online dating profile picture so important?

This answer may seem a little obvious, but first impressions count – not just in real life but online too.

So you could be completely compatible with someone in every way, but you may never know because their profile photo turns you off – or worse, doesn’t interest you at all.

Think about the kind of person you’re trying to attract: someone warm, open, honest, genuine, and thoughtful.

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Leave a little to the imagination and leave the beach bod shots to the professionals. Photos where you look stern, aggressive or unhappy are an obvious turn-off.

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