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The process then started to get our house cleaned out and ready to put up for sale. But after multiple downsizing rounds and trips to Goodwill and rummage sales, we were able to get the house ready and listed. We found a 29 foot Class C with bunk beds in the back. We took it on a few trips, then planned a 10 day long trip to the Florida Gulf Coast.We hadn’t made the decision to travel full time in our RV yet, but the thought was there. About 5 days into it, I called my sister and asked what they thought about becoming full time RVers?!Talking about it and actually pulling the trigger to do it are two different things . This really started to open the door, since we knew we wouldn’t be on a school schedule. We get asked this question all the time, and I think people are looking for this major lightbulb or ah-hah moment . Honestly, I don’t even really remember how the first conversation started.What I do remember is that my sister and I started talking about other ways to live.We didn’t want to spend all our time maintaining a huge house.We really wanted our time and money to go into each other.After that trip, we went home and continued to downsize – now that we knew we would be living in an RV, we knew we needed to get rid of more.

So again, full time RV travel wasn’t even in our thoughts. Since our oldest was about 2 we had talked about homeschooling. After multiple conversations and research, we decided to move ahead with homeschooling and chose Unschooling or more specifically Radical Unschooling. not to burst anyone’s bubble, but it wasn’t really anything like that.Whatever the context, Laureli brings resources, now. Hubby had a good paying 9 to 5 job, we built a big house in a great neighborhood, got some dogs, and had some kids. How We Met Craig and I were high school sweethearts. After graduating, we both went off to college, got engaged, graduated college, got good jobs and started planning and preparing for when we were going to start a family. Craig felt the same way, but honestly we didn’t really know anything different.By this time, our house and things had really started to feel suffocating to Craig and me.We knew we wanted something different but just weren’t sure what.

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