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After chatting with the other players it was discovered that this lady had not just tried this routine on my husband but on other’s as well.She had even gone so far as to use pitiful stories to gain sympathy and money from other players.It’s also dishonest, and does little to discourage the attention.In fact, it could easily lead to an escalation of the initial problem.With the ability now to go online and do a search of the number and get the address of that person. The best advice is to either ignore the attention seeking person (male or female) or mute them.

In your husband’s case, I’m sure he’s learned his lesson by now, but had he nipped it in the bud much earlier on by taking the steps he eventually took, he would have likely saved you both some aggravation.

One person in particular was so “snowed” by this lady that they sent her a money order for a large sum of money!

No repayment was ever made although it was promised and I doubt that it ever will be.

Thank you, A Non-Emergency line Operator No, thank YOU for your very important letter!

While the thought of having a less-than-respectful player end up being shocked by being on the other end of the phone with the police (or whoever) may be mildly amusing, it is in reality -as you say – both disrespectful and irresponsible to the person or department that owns the number.

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