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June gazed at Annie intently, admiring her outfit and body, as she threw her overnight bag in the back and climbed into the passenger side. Natural, sheer pantyhose, June's favorite, covered Annie's toned legs. June's short, brown hair framed a beautiful face; touched up with some light make-up – a bit of tiel-colored eye shadow and very soft, natural blush and lipstick – nothing more.

I dont talk with that kind of vocabulary, I dont dress the same way; I listen to similar music, but Im not trying to be black.

Members with different named accounts on both sites with DIFFERENT registered emails.

* * * * * PLANNING THE "SHOPPING" TRIP The telephone in the Kitterly household was on its third ring when Jack picked it up. June's rational thought would vanish, as her own pussy would begin to wet at the memories. "In fact, I've been looking forward to it very much! "Oh, I dunno...we'll figure it out later," June replied. " Annie replied getting excited again at the thought of seeing her friend. Later that night, with the children and Jack asleep, Annie checked her e-mail.

Hey, I was wondering if you were still interested in getting away for a weekend of " Both women hung up their respective telephones, each in their own minds following their fantasies of what it will be like to feel the other.

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