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Wounded and also suffering from a mild but recurring form of shellshock, Milne, an established playwright and Punch writer, struggles to make sense of the post-war peacetime world.

His publisher wants him to write something ‘wickedly funny’; he wants to write about the horrors of war.

Both turn out to be highly significant, with the former providing the first sign that Simon Curtis’s delicious and powerfully evocative drama will captivate and charm all adult fans of AA Milne, while the latter provides fair warning that you will need a small miracle – or a heart of stone – to get through this without what the Milne family would call ‘blubbing’.

I was blinking back the tears after barely 90 seconds, albeit on an emotionally charged day when my son marched, thankfully, not off to war but off to university instead.

Absolutely central, however, to the film’s appeal is Will Tilston, the wonderfully cinegenic young boy who plays Christopher Robin from about six to eight.

That said, Alex Lawther, who plays him as an older teenager and young man, is excellent too.

Alice is living in a substantial Beverly Hills house left to her by her late film-director father while her still-glamorous mother (Candice Bergen, so scene-stealingly good you want more) was an actress and still has an eye for a handsome young man… But not in a predatory way, which might win a cheap laugh, but in a life-enhancing way that makes you feel more kindly disposed to all the characters involved. I love a good Western and early on Brimstone, with Dakota Fanning as a young, mute midwife and Guy Pearce as a heavily scarred and distinctly Old Testament-style pastor, has all the hallmarks of being just that.What follows is, of course, the creation of the soon-to-be iconic Winnie-the-Pooh but Goodbye Christopher Robin has bigger dramatic ambitions than simply marking that historic moment.For while Winnie-the-Pooh almost instantly becomes a global phenomenon, disappointments and heartbreak – in a rich variety of forms – lie ahead. Curtis, an experienced television director who already has My Week With Marilyn and Woman In Gold among his film credits, makes what is undoubtedly his best movie yet.But it’s when, a few years later, Daphne finally despairs of her husband’s lack of progress and bolts back to the London parties she loves and Nanny has to beg a few days off to look after her ailing mother, that the real magic happens.Suddenly, father and small son are thrown together for days on end.

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