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On the other hand, it’s a long-term venture and can be difficult to set up.

Another use of video to make money is to drive traffic to a web site where the broadcaster is selling another product or service.

The downside is that it requires a greater commitment from your viewers.

While people will pay to watch good, interesting video, it’s a fact that charging for anything reduces traffic.

This is similar to use of any other web content such as blog articles or photos.

As with other ways of making money from live streaming, paywall methods have advantages and drawbacks.With less than a million projected viewers, it’s unlikely that a broadcaster will be able to sell ads at all with many of the available networks.Sponsorship is similar to advertising, but involves a sponsor bankrolling your video broadcast in return for what amounts to informal advertising.The advantage is that it allows immediate returns and presents the viewer with high-quality viewing.Your broadcast isn’t encumbered by ads or endorsements.

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The ads appear in the lower thirds of your video or as clips before your broadcast begins and/or interrupting it like standard television commercials.

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