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The monitor is available from Silica Systems or you could try winning one on Page 253.® Silica Systems 0 ADDRESS CHANGE European Peripheral Distribution |see review of their Baseboard on Page 236) have moved to 34- 36 West End Arcade.Over 40 review pages It's Interphase ' It's got an 88% rating It's got extraordinary 3D graphics | , It's got fascinating puzzles It's the complete game on disk ... R FULL DOCUMENTATION AND TIPS A ON PAGE 1 73 O Spindizzy, Strider Powermonger a nr* world of robotic? WIN A PHILIPS MONITOR 253 Get your hands on a stunning new monitor.Of prizes O Ray JUST GO CHASE HQ * Special Criminal Investigat K continuing where CHASE HQ left oft. WIN 8 MEG OF MEMORY 261 A Cortex expansion and two half Megs to go. London nr is i ram: • 44(0)81-7801**4 Hi K (BOA) Scraanahou FINE ART AMIGA If you’ve never hecn lo ihe National Portrait Gallery in St Martin'* Pluic. Then an event there from December 15- 22 iv the perfect excuse.The latest bundle, the A1SOO, is an A2000 look-a-like with twin internal disk drives, a monitor and one megabyte of memory priced at £999, (News, Issue 17).

Apart from the attractive design the monitor offers a 14-inch screen, stereo speakers and earphone socket.

Upper Parliament St, Nottingham NGI 6JZ * EPD 0602 502255 ALTERNATIVE SCROLLING Fancy doing some scrolly text?

Then what you need is The Big Alternative Scroller from well-respected Animation firm Alternative Image. ....£24.99 56% A triumphant F-19 Stealth Fighter has crept up on the competition and stolen first place, leaving two previous top spot games, Kick OH 2 and Corporation, in second and third.

ISSUE 18 ¦ JANUARY 1991 ¦ £3.95 SPECIAL_XMAS PRICE btal Recall Gripping playable demo of Ocean's Christmas blockbuster An Amiga can I earn by g| Dynamic Artificial Non Intelligence Your Amiga gets some Artificial Intelligence ; Lemmings Suicidally addictive playable demo of Psygnpsis' surprise hit of the year Documentation on Page 1 6 I COM i Ei&AWE! ip rs wlth AMIGA FORMAT I * VUIYJDUDn OVER The best games of 1990 ? Qeuter ROBOTS 131 Mechanical men and artificial intelligence ST EMULATOR 229 Can this solve your compatibility problems?

Top l OO rated m Me The future of games Jf Ct T The Christmas scorchers ? 3D GRAPHICS 143 Ray-traced wonders from Real 3D WIN £1000 OF SONY GEAR 251 Hi-tech hardware and Line of Fire up for grabs.

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The program has over 50 screen transitions like wipes, fades and blinds. The comeback trail is still open tor several games with Shadow of the Beast staying in the top 30 and several others getting into the lower reaches of the chart.

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